Recover from Hitting the Wall

Hitting the wall or bonking in a marathon

Hitting the wall sounds like a violent, painful activity.  It's not literally "hitting the wall", but feeling like you've hit something when you run out of carbohydrate energy.  Runners become weak, dizzy, experience headaches, blurred vision, and more. It frequently happens when running a full marathon, generally after 18 or so miles.  The most common period is between 20-23 miles.

Basic Items for Marathon Training

Running shoes for marathon training

The daunting challenge in covering 26.2 miles may seem like you need a lot of things to get started.  Actually, marathon training is one of the simplest and purest sports out there. You don't need to complicate your training with a lot of unnecessary things. To get started in a marathon training program, you really only need these items.

The Marathon Pre-Race Checklist

Spinach pasta for marathon carbo-loading

The final preparations for a marathon will help insure a successful race. Failure to get ready in one of these areas can turn a great experience into one much less exhilarating. Here are the basics to focus on in the two weeks leading up to your marathon:

The 6 1/2 Hour Marathon Survivor Race Strategy

Woman and man running a marathon

The goal of the marathon survivor race strategy is to finish a marathon within the typical 6 1/2 hour cutoff time at most marathons.

The 30 Day Marathon Training Schedule, Part 2

Man and woman racing for a marathon

Welcome to part 2 of the 30 day marathon training schedule!  If you missed part 1, READ IT FIRST!

Now that you've taken the Fit Test Questions and the Mile Speed Test and figured out if you're a Marathon Runner or Marathon Survivor, we can begin developing a training plan.  We only have 30 days, and our focus on the marathon basics will be paramount.

The 30 Day Marathon Training Schedule -or- Are You Crazy?

30 day marathon training program

Yes, that's right, get ready for a marathon in 30 days!  That's 26.2 miles - a tough race for a good athlete.  Can you do it, or is that just plain crazy?

Maybe you signed up for a marathon and haven't had time to train.  That race date is starting to get very close and you're considering dropping out.  Is there any chance you could still complete it?