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Finish Strong in the Marathon Part 3

In part 2 we looked at the importance of the long run and progression of miles.  If you missed part 2, read it here!

Finish Strong in the Marathon Part 2: The Long Run

If you missed part 1, read it first!

Finish Strong in the Marathon

Woman running marathon

Fading in the final miles is common in the marathon.  It can happen anywhere past the half-way point, and is typically a combination of mental and physical fatigue.  

The typical marathoner will slow down 14% in the last half of the race.  To put this in perspective, for a 4 hour marathon, this means 1:52 in the first half and 2:08 in the last half.  For a 5 hour marathon, this would be 2:20 in the first half and 2:40 in the last half.

The 30 Day Marathon Training Schedule, Part 2

Man and woman racing for a marathon

Welcome to part 2 of the 30 day marathon training schedule!  If you missed part 1, READ IT FIRST!

Now that you've taken the Fit Test Questions and the Mile Speed Test and figured out if you're a Marathon Runner or Marathon Survivor, we can begin developing a training plan.  We only have 30 days, and our focus on the marathon basics will be paramount.

The 30 Day Marathon Training Schedule -or- Are You Crazy?

30 day marathon training program

Yes, that's right, get ready for a marathon in 30 days!  That's 26.2 miles - a tough race for a good athlete.  Can you do it, or is that just plain crazy?

Maybe you signed up for a marathon and haven't had time to train.  That race date is starting to get very close and you're considering dropping out.  Is there any chance you could still complete it?