Running Better with Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift VR Headset

The era of virtual reality (VR) is upon us.  Oculus, now owned by Facebook, is at the forefront of creating the consumer revolution in VR.

You might be wondering how VR impacts running?  Virtual reality provides an athlete with visualizing and experiencing a race prior to participating. It's the same science behind visualization, by preparing your brain, your body works better. Imagine preparing for the New York or Chicago marathon by first running a virtual version of it.  The day of VR training is upon us!

Basic Items for Marathon Training

Running shoes for marathon training

The daunting challenge in covering 26.2 miles may seem like you need a lot of things to get started.  Actually, marathon training is one of the simplest and purest sports out there. You don't need to complicate your training with a lot of unnecessary things. To get started in a marathon training program, you really only need these items.